A New Hat

You saw the title of this post and probably thought that I had already managed to finish one of the hat kits I purchased from Morehouse Farms. No, I'm not that speedy.

I did manage to start and finish this nifty little ribbed number while I was away from the blog.


I used some leftover Plymouth Encore from one of Kate's sweaters and Ann Budd's hat pattern from Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns. This was supposed to be for the Caps for Kids program at Dana Farber (scroll through this PDF). I write "supposed" because yours truly made a major mistake: I did not check my gauge. I know, I know. How could I, swatcher extraordinaire, fail to do that?

As a result, I followed a pattern for five stitches per inch when I really had only four. So, instead of a hat to fit a child's head, I had a hat that fit an adult.


Do you ever sell the things that you knit?

I crochet in public. Could use patterns for crochet.

Dear hat knitter Colleen, I think that you will find that your lovely little hat will fit "someone".....we all have different size heads in my one family...4 quite big and one average and one smallish....I just knit! a hat to die for...it will fit the smallish head of one of my daughters...Merry christmas, I say!! A Happy Knitter....

You know, I was looking for some legwarmers for a llama, but I want to weave them, could you give me a pattern? Oh, and I know the pattern calls for sportweight, but I want to use Bulky, I could just knit the small size, right?

The second hat looks just right, and this one sure came in handy in the chilly weather yesterday!

Well, at least the hat looks great, no matter the size! :0)

But llamas with leg warmers leap higher.

It was great meeting you this weekend.

oops! well, maybe it'll fit a child with a really big head??? :) maybe not.

I'm sure you can still donate it - it's very cute and I'm sure some kid with a big head of hair will adore it (you've seen the big hair kids on the subway right?).

Nice to meet you briefly, sorry I was catatonic at the time.

I'm sure you could find a cold adult in Boston SOMETIME this winter, right?

even in sunny Florida we occationally need a hat. Love this one. got to try it.


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