You Over There!

Yeah, you over there with the green yarn!


Stop staring at me so that I can take your picture. The more you stare, the sneakier I need to become.


i think i know why she was staring. "oh my god, i think that's the subway knitter!!! i wonder if she'll take my picture."

the real goal here is to get a picture of you! ;-)

THAT'S MY NEIGHBOR!!!!! She is awesome - a relatively new knitter. Has made a ton of baby stuff lately.
should i tell her? :-)
does this mean you were on the green line?

She was waiting for you to stop looking at her.

I love that we all check out the site to see who is pictured. How cool to see someone like your own neighbor.

You DO realize that I now have a weird subway twitch because of you while I'm knitting on the orange/green line? :)

I keep darting glances around thinking "could that be HER? I am going to look awful on her blog..." I know, so self absorbed. :)

Did you see I posted a KIP picture of myself yesterday? I thought of you when I had it taken.

i adore the photos
you will have to travel more
and become much more covert


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