The Many Moods of Kate

I can already tell that my niece Kate is going to be a complex person. She's already expressing herself in so many ways:

Awake Kate:


There she is being held by my mother (AKA "Grandma").

Sleeping Kate:


There she is sleeping under one of KG's (that's my Knitting Grandma to new blog readers) masterpieces. More about that later.

There's also Hungry Kate, Eating Kate, and a few other types of Kate which we won't get into here. All in all, she's your typical three-week old. Of course she's very advanced for a typical three-week old, but we don't like to brag.


Aw, Kate is just the cutest! I love that asleep picture underneath her knitted blanket. So sweet.

She's beautiful! I have to say, LOVE her name (hee hee)-- and you are right, we Kates are V. Complex girls. :) Thank you for sharing the photos! Congratulations, again, Auntie!


what a lucky auntie you are! such a beaty that gal is. just wait until she turns into cooing kate and sitting up kate and grabby goes very very fast.

Baby in handknits! Baby in handknits!
Sorry, I got carried away there, but it's a rare sight. (and such a cute one too!).

She sure is Cute Kate!

i love baby hair, it's the best


what a precious new person


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