Stripey Sock Heel

Oooh boy, here I am! Just about to begin my favorite part of any sock, the heel.


Now I know that some of you are dedicated flappers. Me? I'm a short-row kinda gal. I love the magic of the short-row heel. I'm not quite sure how it works, and in my opinion, you can't beat the look of a short-row heel.


i'm beginning to like the short row heel too but i want to learn the backward YO method instead of the wrap method. it seems better but more complicated

Dude, you are a fast knitter! As for favorite part of sock knitting, it's a toss up between the flap and the heel (always the short row. Love it!)

Ooo, I love a short-row heel too. Who wants to deal with fiddly flaps?

And short rows are the coolest thing ever. Especially in the round.

I love short rows, too--especially with PGR's yarn-over rather than a wrap. Sigh.

Come to think of it, I'm just about at the heel of my sock, too....

Short row sista's reprezent! I love short row heels. There IS a certain magic to them.

You and Claudia are convincing me. Plus I hate that flap.

I couldn't agree more about the heel. [Insert nasal male whiny tone here...] For the life of me I can not figure them out. (Yeah, I've seen Wendy's pattern and all that.) I just need a video or a photo-tutorial, or a lesson. You are a goddess for knowing how they are done, and for thinking they are so easy.
That's a great sock yarn, too.

I have to agree with you about the look of a short-row heel. The flaps seem to fit me better, unfortunately. But I like doing short rows on other people's socks :-)

I like my good old flap heels. I have really wide feet and the flap just hugs my heel like a short row heel doesn't.
But any hand-knit sock beats a store-bought one hands- (or feet?) down.

Oh, I see I am clearly in the minority. I think that the textile industry led the Industrial Revolution for a reason. That reason is so that I wouldn't have to lovingly pour my heart and soul into a handknit, then watch silently while someone pulls it over their sharp toenails, onto their stinky feet and into their stinky shoes. Eeewww!
Best socks I ever had came from the knitting mill in Seneca Falls NY. (My grandparents met while working there!)

I am horrible at short rows. I am not as bad at picking up stitches, I just don't like having to.


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