Sock, Sock, Socky, Sock!

In between bouts of niece gawking, there was actual knitting progress.


Would you believe that this is my first time using self-patterning sock yarn? It's just some Regia that I picked up at WEBS during a recent visit.

This will be a simple sock: 2x2 ribbing, short-row heels (but of course), and short-row toes. The real appeal will be the DPNs. I missed my DPNs.


and of course, they're blue!

So, how do you like the pattern?


I love that stuff.

With that kind of yarn I find myself saying 'I'll stop and (do laundry, etc.) as soon as I finish this color...oh look at this new color, I'll stop just as soon as I finish this' infinitum. Needless to say, my house is a mess!

For those of us who don't know knitting shorthand but are trying to learn, do you have a glossary of terms (DPN's, for example)?

Beautiful colours. I like DPN's the best for circular projects although I have yet to bite the bullet and complete a sock.

is that sock trying to get to the subway?

looks like an adventure in the making


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