So, Do You Want a Hint?

You all will be happy to read that I have finished the secret knitting. It's now back to socks, socks, and more socks (and not a moment too soon).

But, maybe you're curious as to what I knit. Here's a hint:


This was my first time knitting with cashmere. Let me tell you, it won't be my last! I highly recommend the cashmere.

Nothing more! My lips (and the blog) are sealed.


Can't...break...the...code...Nice to have you back.

can you tell us why it's super secret at least?

Those men in dark suits . . . coming your way. They love cashmere.

So not what I thought!
You should email me lady, we have Rhinebeck plans to make!

Oh, so it wasn't alien abductions....
Cashmere. One of our LYS' has some new stuff in. I'll have to investigate.

Ooooh, cashmere! That would send me into hiding, too!

I love cashmere too -- so delicious. That clue looks a bit like "b-o-y".

Yeay, you're back; I missed your blogging! (I know, I have no right to say that considering I lurk - but nevertheless!) I can't wait to see what your secret project is; you always knit such gorgeous stuff!

Thank heaven you're back. We were worried sick! But now that I know you've been cuddling up to cashmere, I certainly understand. I think I need to go to Knitorious (my wonderful LYS here in St. Louis) and price some cashmere myself. Maybe the bamboo stuff...

And it looks awesome! You're the best!


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