One Stripey Sock!

One stripey sock, coming right up!


Oh, yeah. There's nothing like knitting a sock to restore one's knitting mojo!


Hmm...sock mojo? Sometimes a certain sock will kick my butt!!!

But, yours are coming along great. Just in time to ...sock weather is a comin'!

Congratulations on getting your mojo back. Nice socks!

I stumbled across your blog today! Keep up the good knitting. I love the stripe pattern on that sock. It's nice to see other new knitting blogs out there. Helps me to know I'm not alone.

I agree about socks brining mojo. Whenever I'm feeling down about a knit I head for a sock.

I dunno. My boyfriend saw the entirety of my handknit sock collection the other day for the first time. I think he was scared ;)

Just found your blog. Speaking of socks...sometime, get all your hand knitted socks out of the drawer(s) and take pictures of them. I think they multiply a bit like rabbits because there's always some you forgot you'd knit.


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