Mystery Subway Knitter of the Week

How long were you sitting there across the aisle from me? There I was, deep in concentration on the latest knit (of which the blog knows little), and I looked up to see you also deep in concentration. I snapped my photo, and you were none the wiser.


And it's a Dude! Right on!

AJ - That's no dude (I don't think...)

OK, so you're doing some secret knitting? will i see it tonight?

hahahah, what is UP with all the gender reversal going on in the comments lately?

hhmmm, secret project, eh? me wanna see!

Good thing you did look up.

Secret project? :D

You should give a little business card to those you see knitting on the subway that say, "You have been tagged by the Subway Knitter."

Yes.....I like Erin's idea. A little business card tag, with your blog so they can see it... unless they have 'privacy rights' issues and then you'd have to make them sign a release, etc etc,...hmmmm.....

Looks like your subway knitter also has an ipod on. No wonder she is in her own little world. What train is that?

Such concentration!

Nice site! As someone who knits on and off on the orange line I had to quickly run through your site to make sure that You did not snag me in a pic! But now that I have an idea what you look like I can try to hide better! My BLOG has my persoanl issues with KIP and particularly on the train!


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