It's a word that describes me well these days. I'm invisible in the blogosphere. (Have you seen many comments from me lately? Nope. I have no time, and it makes me crazy not to see what y'all are doing.) The progress on the latest knit? Invisible. This may or may not be a bad thing, depending on your perspective.

I can't even show you a photo of what I'm doing. It's so tippy top secret that I would have those men in the black suits after me if I did.

Can you imagine? They would pull up in their black (insert car name here) jump out and ask "Subway Knitter? Please come with us." I would be hauled into the car, kicking and screaming, and that's the last that you would see of me.

Seriously, though, it's a secret for now. I can tell you this: I didn't design it, and it isn't a gift. I'm just following orders.


Will we see you at the Knit Out on Sunday?

OOooOOOO Top secret how fun!

Secret squirrel knitting, how cool!

Hmmm...sounds like you are the Knitting Assistant to someone famous perhaps? Is what you are knitting going to be in a soon-to-be-released book???

Well, my interest is seriously peaked, now!

And it isn't until the black helicopters come after you that you REALLY have to worry.

You were drafted into the Knitty Army, weren't you? o.0

ooooh, something tells me that you're test knitting something!

Ooh, you're a teat knitter! Here's hoping there aren't any mistakes in the pattern!

Cool. I'm working on a secret project too. Shhhhhhh.

You have my interest for sure...can't wait to see!!!

ohh now i need to know what it is. can you give us a hint? a peek at the yarn? color?

When the S.W.A.Y.K.(So What Are You Knitting) team shows up with their bullhorns and needle cases, we'll do our best to aid and abet in your retreat.

I'm delurking to increase the comment count. If the knitting police look like Will Smith, I'm willing to be arrested!

Are you test-knitting something? Do I win a prize? Like knowing what you're knitting?

I've alerted the NSA.

I'm also guessing something like Grumperina's Egyptian dress (for Annie Modesitt?). Well, I hope the yarn is luscious!

Better watch out - I might send men in black suits to do some recon and find out what's going on!

Ohh scary.

Will we at least learn what it is eventually? Or will we be kept in suspense forever?

Oh I wish my own invisibility were due to some fun top secret project, but I'm just busy. ;) Can't wait to see the unveiling.

Were you at the knitout? Top Secret. Now I'm intrigued. Don't worry, I'm sure it'll be worth the wait.

Goddamn. I came to your blog to find out what you were knitting on sunday because I liked it, and here I find out it's top secret. Damn.

Orders, huh?! ;0)


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