I Can Walk and Chew Gum

But, I can't knit and walk.

She, however, can:


Okay, you can't see her knitting, but you can see her yarn (please note the red arrow). I crossed paths with this woman on Dartmouth Street, and by the time that I got over the surprise of "Hey, you're knitting while you're walking" and retrieved my camera, it was too late.

I wouldn't advise the whole knitting-while-walking thing here in Beantown. Have you seen our sidewalks? I need all my attention focused on the frost heaves and cracks, and not how many stitches until my next SSK.


Almost Felted Lauren can do that!! I took a picture of her doin' it, too. Pretty amazing. My knitting style (the way I hold my needles) makes it difficult for me to do it.

Oh! I can do it. Usually only when I'm making subway transfers since I can't be bothered to put the project away walking from train to train or to the transfer bus etc. I have only knit socks in the subway and it's small enough I can balance the weight of it.
on the other hand, i cannot walk and chew gum.

I do it all the time - following Zoe around the playground with yarn in a bag and needles in hand.. it's not hard as long as you are doing something kind of brainless - and there aren't any obstacles in your way...

I do it as well, but only in the house, following the little one from room to room. I wouldn't try this in the street where one could trip and fall into ones metal double pointed needles...

OMG, and the pedestrians! Watch out for the nutter walkers if you try this in Boston! :)

I can use Benkei the Sidekick and walk, but knitting and walking? No thank you....

I can do it, too, thoough I usually stick to stockinette. I even played DDR while knitting once, just to prove I could (after Keyboard Biologist said she couldn't). I'm easily amused.

That's amazing! I sometimes have trouble with the walking and chewing gum thing, nevermind playing with pointy sticks while walking.

I knit standing up a lot when I'm teaching, but I'm confined to a room--It's good to if you have something like the Wooly Bully yarn apron to stash your ball in...

I'm so impressed! I would love to be able to knit and walk :0)

I prefer to knit while I'm driving -- don't worry I only knit at red lights and in traffic jams. Keeps the stress level down.

I do it all the time with small, simple projects. There can't be any purling involved. I can only purl if I'm standing still.

I often knit while walking, but recently I learned a lesson -- it's VERY hard to knit the gusset on patterned socks, and still keep track of which pattern row you're on AND whether you're on a decrease row or not. I failed. And frogged. Repeatedly.

I walk and knit every chance I get. The key is to work on something that you don't need to look at. Plain knitting on circular needles is ideal - cuffs of socks or a plain hat. Ribbing is about as complex as I want to get while I'm also trying to avoid falling on my nose. I knit the same kind of thing at the movies. I find it relaxing and it's amazing how much you can get done.

I used to do this around campus as an undergrad. I stopped when - unbeknownst to me - my ball of yarn fell out of my bag. I kept knitting (and walking) a full block and almost crossed a street before someone pointed it out to me. Good thing it was machine washable!

Well, I have to say....I don't know HOW people knit without having to look at their knitting at least for a split second. Otherwise I end up dropping stitches!!!! I guess I'm not that talented!!! But I would love to knit and walk. Could I do it on my treadmill???? Oh, that would be great....

I have the worst trouble walking. Or kitting. Both at once? NOT gonna happen. And those cobbled sidewalks are dangerous. At least she was wearing the right footwear- flats.

that is really amazing! I have been trying to combine walking and knitting but cannot do it.
Who is that wonderwoman?
I also wants to learn to knit and read at the same time.

Very nice picture!!
I can knit when I'm standing and when I lying in bed but walking?
Check my picture standing knitting on my blog

Geez, I can't even walk and read! But I can knit and read... only if it's stockinette stitch, or garter stitch, though.

THis is a personal goal, to walk while knitting....someday.

I can knit and walk, but I do it rarely. Whenever I see people walking along the street in London reading I worry a bit, hence my own knitting restrictions. Anything on a circular needle is ideal, and I've recently discovered that a magic loop sock (yarn in a ziploc bag in your purse, so already tucked neatly under your arm) is ideal.

Not exactly the same thing, but when I worked on AIDS Walk New York, I spotted a woman who was crocheting while walking 10 kilometers. I got her photo: http://annulla.blogspot.com/2006/05/aids-walk-new-york.html

Hey, I do that too! It takes a simple pattern, though, and familiar territory :o) I love to walk down to the lake or just a few blocks from home with a dishcloth, simple sock or scarf on hand!


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