How Yummy is This?


Very, in my opinion.

The pattern is Honorine by Fathom Harvill. And, it's in the new MagKnits.

I love that back detail. Love. It.


i noticed that pattern too. very pretty.

I hadn't seen the new MagKnits--that looks very nice--but now I'm off to peruse!

Yes, I like that pattern too! And I love the symetrical back and front detail. Very clever, although it involves a lot of seaming (oh no! I said the S word!).
I am besotted with the Snicket socks (the cabled ones).

OOh that's cute and a new MagKnits, yay! Thanks for the reminder, I am loving the lacy Snowflake socks.

Yes, I like this one, too! I've already been looking around to see if I have any suitable stash yarn for it :0)

mmm it is good isn't. that whole issue isn't bad at all

I really like it too. This month's Magknits is good. I like some of those socks too. Someday I'll be a sock knitter.

I like that one very much too. It really stood out.

That is yummy! I love the lace detail. Very pretty.

Ooooooooo! Me too!

For you? Absolutely! It's a solid issue. I like the snowflakes socks myself.

Ooh, I like the front, too! Thanks for pointing it out.

Wow- that is absolutely gorgeous.

I love, love, love it!!

I love Emily's Honorine too! Very nice work and it's a free pattern. Even perfecter.

Your niece is precious! Congratulations.

It's just a lovely picture in general, and the lace looks lovely and antique.

oooh, it is yummy--the back detail is a great idea.

Very nice--and for some reason the back detail is more appealing than the front (at least for me). Is an adaptation of the pattern in order? Hmmmm.

Oooh, oooh, oooh, I can so see this on you! I wasn't really ga-ga over it when I first saw it, but for you, I totally love it!


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