Dear Boston,

Oh, yeah. I feel so much safer:


Nobody panic! Just evacuate in an orderly fashion.


Subway Knitter


Well, at least you don't have to go back the way you came. Right?

Never let it be said that you Boston doesn't give you OPTIONS!
Great sign.

Where is that beauty?

ha! those evacuation signs crack me up. there's one at the crossing of comm ave and brighton ave. they should just say "go west!"

Of course, once you reach the city limits and enter, say, Dedham, the signs end too! Where the he*^ do I go now??
You're on your own, baby!

That's awesome, but I'm a bit confused. Is the sign trying to tell us to go left or right or straight ahead, OR left or right or up in the air? Is that the place where all of those who have personal jet packs are supposed to gather?

Hi, I discovered yr site thx 2 a french knitting forum. Anyway it's nice 2 know dat men knit also. Good luck n welcome among addicted knitters from de world...

hhmmmm, i'm not sure what either Meep or this sign are really trying to say :)

So, in event of away in every direction?

I needed a sign to tell me that?

LOL! Just don't head south (or whichever direction is missing an arrow). They really have their butts covered.

Do you ever wonder who actually gets paid to design our road and municipal signs? :-P

Ha, I have one of these but it is for volcano eruptions. (Mt. Rainier WA)It points to the elementary school that is down in a valley. Now I'm no expert, but if the lava is flowing I think I would rather be up a hill, not down in the valley. My 16 yo says it is so that all the "victims" will be in one place and easier to find. NICE!

That's pretty good. They should have just put up a run like heck sign and covered all their bases.

At least, you have choices. ;^)

at least there was not a "do not enter" or "one way" sign directly below it.

I see that going in any diagonal direction is discouraged...

I'm still trying to figure out what's the emergency up here that would make us all leave town? With snow or sickness they want you to stay home! least there is choices? I wonder if a study has been done to see which way people would normally pick.

seriously! and which one (if not all) of these routes is closed to big dig construction?

Well, whatever you do, just DON'T go back from where you came!

The point Diana makes is my favorite. Yes, by all means, balls out panic in every direction. But as they say, "Ya cahnt get theyah from heyah".

Ha, ha! So typical. I love Boston.


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