Communal Effort

Apparently, I am not the only yarny person in the life of my niece Kate. I'm relieved! I can't do everything, you know.

A brief inspection of Miss K's room turned up a few examples of the handywork of other crafty women.


As reported yesterday, KG (again, that's Knitting Grandma) made this beautiful blanket. It's a very simple basketweave pattern with a delicate crocheted edge. Oh yeah, if there's one thing that KG does better than the knitting it's the crocheting. According to KG the yarn is the "new Red Heart." The blanket is super soft and easy care--perfect for a baby. A quick web search tells me that KG might be referring to this yarn. If so, this is a great baby yarn.

That's not all. Under the changing table, poised for action, is this crocheted afghan, also by KG:


Once Kate gets moving, it will be helpful for her to have a few blankets placed strategically around the house. That's where these come in. Now, someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that these were made by my brother in law's grandmother and/or aunt:


One's knitted and one's crocheted. I have no idea about the yarn, but they're both super cozy and soft. Lucky Kate!

And, there's one more:

A granny-square afghan crocheted by my brother-in-law's grandmother. It's beautiful--I almost didn't want to touch it.


Blankets and afghans aren't the only way that Kate's covered (excuse the pun). They're also sweaters:


Two of KG's sweaters (indicated by the red arrows) behind two of mine.

There are hats, booties, and bonnets as well, but as Kate was sound asleep while I was doing all this, I didn't want to dig through her drawers. After all, a girl needs her beauty sleep.


And you know the best part? Everyone can keep making these lovely things for her, because she's a girl! I find it very difficult to think of things to make for older boys.

Wow. That's a very knitty-loved wee one! I LOVE the granny square afghan. Just another reason that I need to actually READ my books on crochet.

That is one lucky little baby, and one talented grandma.

The colors of that granny-square afghan are PERFECT! Like a flower garden!
And the green sweater you made, that looked so wee at the time, looks ENORMOUS-tee hee!

what a lovely collection of handmade goods that baby has! lucky girl :)

How wonderful!

She's a very luck baby.

wow, i am in awe of the knitting talent in your family!!

So much crafted love. That's awesome.

She is such a beautiful little girl.

All so great--especially the granny squares--gorgeous!!!

It's never too early to learn that a girl just can't have too many handknits!

I think there's a good chance that girl's got the knitting gene!

That Kate is a lucky girl.

Awww, what a cutie! And so lucky to have all those handmade items. Thanks for the peek into the nursery! :)

Wow, so much handmade goodness! What a lucky little girl.

What a lucky lucky baby. Maybe all the handknits will inspire her to take up crafting herself when she's a little older.


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