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Back To Socks

Ahhhh, DPNs feel so good in my hands.

I picked up my mother's socks exactly where I had left them about three weeks ago: one needle before the ankle rounds. Of course, it took me four rows to determine why my rounds were beginning at a different point than the sock itself. As a result, it didn't take too long to get back to the frogging, either.

Once good order was restored to my rows the heel was not far behind:


So, Do You Want a Hint?

You all will be happy to read that I have finished the secret knitting. It's now back to socks, socks, and more socks (and not a moment too soon).

But, maybe you're curious as to what I knit. Here's a hint:


This was my first time knitting with cashmere. Let me tell you, it won't be my last! I highly recommend the cashmere.

Nothing more! My lips (and the blog) are sealed.


It's a word that describes me well these days. I'm invisible in the blogosphere. (Have you seen many comments from me lately? Nope. I have no time, and it makes me crazy not to see what y'all are doing.) The progress on the latest knit? Invisible. This may or may not be a bad thing, depending on your perspective.

I can't even show you a photo of what I'm doing. It's so tippy top secret that I would have those men in the black suits after me if I did.

Can you imagine? They would pull up in their black (insert car name here) jump out and ask "Subway Knitter? Please come with us." I would be hauled into the car, kicking and screaming, and that's the last that you would see of me.

Seriously, though, it's a secret for now. I can tell you this: I didn't design it, and it isn't a gift. I'm just following orders.

Mystery Subway Knitter of the Week

How long were you sitting there across the aisle from me? There I was, deep in concentration on the latest knit (of which the blog knows little), and I looked up to see you also deep in concentration. I snapped my photo, and you were none the wiser.


One Stripey Sock!

One stripey sock, coming right up!


Oh, yeah. There's nothing like knitting a sock to restore one's knitting mojo!

Dear Boston,

Oh, yeah. I feel so much safer:


Nobody panic! Just evacuate in an orderly fashion.


Subway Knitter

That's How

That's how the striping will look in stockinette:


A sun-dappled sock. This is probably a hint that I should get outside and enjoy that sun. Bye!

Hee, Hee, Heel!

Like I wrote yesterday, I loves me a short-row heel.


I love them so much that this one was done in no time.

Now it's on to the foot. I wonder how the striping will look in simple stockinette.

Stripey Sock Heel

Oooh boy, here I am! Just about to begin my favorite part of any sock, the heel.


Now I know that some of you are dedicated flappers. Me? I'm a short-row kinda gal. I love the magic of the short-row heel. I'm not quite sure how it works, and in my opinion, you can't beat the look of a short-row heel.

Sock, Sock, Socky, Sock!

In between bouts of niece gawking, there was actual knitting progress.


Would you believe that this is my first time using self-patterning sock yarn? It's just some Regia that I picked up at WEBS during a recent visit.

This will be a simple sock: 2x2 ribbing, short-row heels (but of course), and short-row toes. The real appeal will be the DPNs. I missed my DPNs.

Communal Effort

Apparently, I am not the only yarny person in the life of my niece Kate. I'm relieved! I can't do everything, you know.

A brief inspection of Miss K's room turned up a few examples of the handywork of other crafty women.


As reported yesterday, KG (again, that's Knitting Grandma) made this beautiful blanket. It's a very simple basketweave pattern with a delicate crocheted edge. Oh yeah, if there's one thing that KG does better than the knitting it's the crocheting. According to KG the yarn is the "new Red Heart." The blanket is super soft and easy care--perfect for a baby. A quick web search tells me that KG might be referring to this yarn. If so, this is a great baby yarn.

That's not all. Under the changing table, poised for action, is this crocheted afghan, also by KG:


Once Kate gets moving, it will be helpful for her to have a few blankets placed strategically around the house. That's where these come in. Now, someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that these were made by my brother in law's grandmother and/or aunt:


One's knitted and one's crocheted. I have no idea about the yarn, but they're both super cozy and soft. Lucky Kate!

And, there's one more:

A granny-square afghan crocheted by my brother-in-law's grandmother. It's beautiful--I almost didn't want to touch it.


Blankets and afghans aren't the only way that Kate's covered (excuse the pun). They're also sweaters:


Two of KG's sweaters (indicated by the red arrows) behind two of mine.

There are hats, booties, and bonnets as well, but as Kate was sound asleep while I was doing all this, I didn't want to dig through her drawers. After all, a girl needs her beauty sleep.

The Many Moods of Kate

I can already tell that my niece Kate is going to be a complex person. She's already expressing herself in so many ways:

Awake Kate:


There she is being held by my mother (AKA "Grandma").

Sleeping Kate:


There she is sleeping under one of KG's (that's my Knitting Grandma to new blog readers) masterpieces. More about that later.

There's also Hungry Kate, Eating Kate, and a few other types of Kate which we won't get into here. All in all, she's your typical three-week old. Of course she's very advanced for a typical three-week old, but we don't like to brag.


The Tiger Tank languishes:


It's not quite finished, and I know that short-sleeve weather is rapidly coming to and end. So, why push myself? I'm at a good stopping point and I can knit on this when I am in between more complex (i.e. more interesing) projects.

What's next? Well, there are a couple of things I'm doing that aren't blog worthy. Quick projects that I need to get on and off my needles. Hey, this weekend would be a perfect time to do that. So, please excuse my bloggy break this weekend. I promise loads of niece pictures upon my return.

You Over There!

Yeah, you over there with the green yarn!


Stop staring at me so that I can take your picture. The more you stare, the sneakier I need to become.

How Yummy is This?


Very, in my opinion.

The pattern is Honorine by Fathom Harvill. And, it's in the new MagKnits.

I love that back detail. Love. It.

I Can Walk and Chew Gum

But, I can't knit and walk.

She, however, can:


Okay, you can't see her knitting, but you can see her yarn (please note the red arrow). I crossed paths with this woman on Dartmouth Street, and by the time that I got over the surprise of "Hey, you're knitting while you're walking" and retrieved my camera, it was too late.

I wouldn't advise the whole knitting-while-walking thing here in Beantown. Have you seen our sidewalks? I need all my attention focused on the frost heaves and cracks, and not how many stitches until my next SSK.

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