You Put the Short Rows In

You take the short rows out. You put the shortrows BACK in and then you resist the urge to toss this damn project out the window.

Oh, I'm sorry. DId I write that? Yes, the Tiger Tank is being a bit difficult these days. After leisurely doing the short-row bust shaping (and I mean leeeeeeeisurely, like 10 days or so) I realized that I wrapped those stitches incorrectly.

Grrr (that's me, not Tiger Tank). So, out came the wraps. Redoing the wraps took no more than a few hours (thank goodness for Knitsmiths!)

Really, though, I didn't mind. The pure meditative qualities of this knit are welcome lately, and if all I had to do was knit a few more rows, then it was fine with me.

The process. And that's what it's all about!


Argh, I shall now be singing that song all day long! *lol*

ok i'm going to have the hokie pokie in my head all day. thanks!

glad to see i'm not the only nutball awake at 7am on a saturday

Wraps are a bit tricky to me still. I'm using a short row heel on my current socks for practice. :0) Enjoy the process!

Ah, short rows . . . such fun!

Well, actually, I kind of enjoy them--especially since I discovered you can do a YO instead of a wrap. That's SO much easier, in my opinion--it's basically the same thing, just that the YO is already on your needle--no struggle to pick it up from around the stitch. Easier to see, too....

Four words for you: four inch bust dart. That's what I just put in my fingering-weight sweater. A four freaking inch bust dart. Next: sleeves and the raglan shaping. It's always exciting when you work with something designed to stretch, because your row gauge varies depending on the pattern stitch and degree of stretch.

Actually, I wrote a little bit about designing flatting cling at

haven't thought of that song in months, at least. yick.

Short-rows, songs have been written about that kind of pain.


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