Tank Talk

First off, I would like to wish Valentina & Co safe travels as they leave us. We'll miss you! Keep blogging!

Last weekend wasn't as productive for my knitting as I had hoped. I made progress, but I expected to be well past the waist increases by now.

Eh, it's okay. It's summer, it's hot, and I'm being lazy.


This yarn is pooling very strangely. It's almost like tiger stripes. That's perfect for [I can't believe I thought of this mere moments ago.] the Tiger Tank!



I like it.. the stripes and the texture are cool! And what do you need in 90 degrees? cool...

Tanks for the update (sorry)...

Ha! Rock on! You can impress your fellow commuters with a "fierce" tank.

Great looking tank!

Looks good. I like.

The pooling is very subtle and quite lovely. It doesn't scream STRIPES at all!


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