South End KIPing

Between the UPS trucks, look what I spotted today on Columbus Avenue:


Nashoba Bakery's Slow Rise Café, 268 Columbus Avenue. It's very close to Back Bay, just use the Clarendon Street exit, walk south, and take a right at the lights. You can't miss it.

How exciting, and not only for the KIPing opportunities (I happen to think that Nashoba's bread is yummy). I wonder how long this has been open. Certainly more than six months, otherwise I would (or should) have known about this place.


Oh my golly -- their food is SO good. We ate in a different Nashoba Bakery when we visited Boston two years ago was along a creek (river?). We found that place while hunting down yarn shops in the suburbs.

It's been open for a while, I pass it when I ride my bike to work.

MM, I've been meaning to check out the west concord cafe.

I love walking near a bakery, the air smells so delicous and comfortable.

I miss having a bakery in our town. The grocery store kind just isn't the same.

Did you see the OH! cable network promo? A girl subway knitting/ boy watching with flirty interest. Sweater she's knitting grows row by row and then shows his sweater unravelling...her yarn used to be his sweater. Says Made for women. I thought of you :)

Mmmm. And outdoor knitting potential, too.


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