Some Spying

Here's our mystery subway knitter of the week:


Those familiar with our MBTA system might notice that our knitter is actually at North Station. While that is a subway stop, she was spotted on the commuter rail platform.

Amber provided a clever decoy while I surreptitiously snapped the photo. I think that our mystery knitter was on to us, but played along anyway.


Damn, you were at North Station and didn't see me? Next time.

mystery knitter has very nice legs! :)

Oh no! You almost got caught?! Do you have a back up plan if you get busted? (Well, you see, there's dust on the lens, I mean, I thought my camera was broken, so I had to press the shutter to make sure...). Or, you could out yourself as a fellow knitter. But it's so much more fun to pretend to be a spy!

Nice, er...legwork, SK. But it looks as if the camera was shaken (not stirred).

Good eye, good eye!

Knitter stalking wounds like so much fun. I wish more people up here knit so I could stalk too.

This is totally off-topic, but I just don't know where to look. I am a nanny for b/g twin toddlers. I made the Reid sweater from for the girl. (It'll be a birthday present) Their birthday is in the middle of September and I want to make a little cabled cardigan, maybe with a zipper, for the boy. I Googled "cable cardigan toddler pattern" and came up with about a zillion links that weren't what I wanted. Anybody have an idea for a pattern or where to look? Or even where to ask this question?

Google is the best search engine


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