Some Sky

For Sandy:


It's the Boston skyline from the harbor. I'll have you all know that I risked sea sickness to get this shot.


Well, you have gone above and beyond the call of duty, risking seasickness to get that shot! :) That view always stuns, doesn't it? Boston is beautiful!

for some reason i always get a little verklempt when i see that view

The seasickness was my fault, I'm afraid. My inner marine biologist insisted on our taking a whale-watch. There was a bit of a swell.

Well, that's dedication!!

That's a great shot.

Ah, the things you do for us! Lovely photo :0)

I love Sandy. I love Boston. But, there ARE limits. And you found one of them. I'm glad you have Matt to take you on those adventures, because you'd NEVER catch me doing that for a photo. NO WAY!
It's a beautiful shot.

Hah! At least you're complying with the Boston Tourism Department on appropriate views of the Boston Skyline. ;)

Nothing I love more than that view :)

O! Gorgeous view.....

That's a gorgeous shot!

Best skyline in the world. My favorite is from Memorial Drive across Back Bay. You just hit me with waves of nostalgia. Atlanta can't hold a candle to Boston. Thanks!


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