Some Shopping

I found myself, as I often do, in Windsor Button. Trying to escape from the hot sun I ducked into the cool, air-conditioned confines of the Temple Place store.

I left with this:


Yeah, no serious shopping here. I saw one of these at Cabin Cove not too long ago, and I wanted an extra needle sizer for my circular-needle case.


I've been drooling over Dave's. Wanted one for my ESK that Cassie made. Will just have to get into Boston from the 'burbs soon to get one.

I find I use mine all the time. It's nice and sturdy. And it's great for checking gauge because you can see through it without stretching the knitting. Nice!

I've got to find me one of those. Well, something like it. It would be nice if I could carry just one item instead of my metal needle sizer and a small clear child's ruler.

Boye makes a nice one--opaque plastic with 15 needle sizes, 6" ruler and a 2" right-angle window so you can count stitches and rows at the same time. I asked for it a coupla Christmases ago and I got it... after explaining to Dear Spouse exactly where to go at which store, which aisle, all the way to the left, about eye level... And I use it constantly.

Sigh. Want. So pratical.


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