Some Knitters

[Typepad or MT bloggers: is anyone else getting absolutely slammed by spam comments? This started yesterday for me.]

Four knitters, one subway car:


You're reading Interweave during your commute home; you must be a knitter.

And you, over there! With the socks!


What's this? You're being pretty cagey with those hands but I spot the purple yarn in your lap:


I'm totally taking credit for starting the subway knitting trend.

Who's the fourth? Well, me, of course!


I'm not getting hit with the spam but I do have all the authentication jobbies turned on where folks have to type annoying letters before their comment posts. I don't think I really have the readership either that seems to draw those sorts of issues.

Do you have the latest MT installed? I've also set up a thing where my posts close after a certain amount of time. After I upgraded and set up this time thing, the spam started hitting the junk folder and not my blog. It's been really good. For a while I was getting REALLY slammed. Let me know and I'll get more specific. I just have to go back and look it all up.

have been knitting while waiting for tennis lessons, it's not the subway, but always think of you when Doing It Out In Public!!

Well, I use Wordpress, but I've gotten several spam comments from unpronounceables, even after I marked the first ones as spam. Maybe there's an epidemic.

4 in one subway car, that's amazing! If this continues, we'll soon be taking over the world, haha.

Pretty soon they will have dedicated subway cars just for knitters.
And maybe crocheters.
And other people who pass an exam showing that they are cool enough to ride with us. ;)

not so many knitters on the commuter rail unfortunately.

I got an apartment in Cambridge near the Red Line, so soon I'll be KiP on there. For now it's just banks, doctor's offices, restaurants, really long red lights...

I'm all excited to meet all the Boston knitters! Are there any good meetup spots or particularly good yarn stores?

How do you manage to sneak these pictures of the other subway knitters?

ugh, i get spam on my contact form all the time and THAT i can't do anything about. but MT catches most of the other spam. usually one or two per month get by the filter.

wow, there are a lot of subway knitters out there! this morning i was sitting close to a woman knitting on the train. this little chinese kid was staring at her with his mouth open the whole trip. i just wanted to reach across the aisle and push up on his jaw :)

It seems a lot of Typepad users are getting spammed. One even got locked out of her own blog! Most people just go back and close off comments in their archives. It seems to work for some reason.

Glad to see you've started a trend!

Love all the KIP photos!

I just love when you post the secret subway knitter photos!

No problems with typepad for me so far...

I love your commuter spots. I've only had one in my life (well, that and a man doing a spot of embroidery on the tube).

when i got a job in boston my first thought was 'yeah, i can totally knit on the train!' but much to my dismay, there are far FAR too many people crammed into those little cars, as well as no A/C which doesnt lend itself well to wool knitting. needless to say I am dissapointed....

I too love your covert pics of knitters... And man, I wish my mailman would deliver my copy of IK already!

Excellent work Bond, you have gathered some top-notch intelligence on the knitting habits of transit riders...Looks like that knitting-needle camera must be working well! :-)

I haven't had an increase in spam but I closed all my Trackbacks.

I use WordPress, and I've been getting a lot of spam lately, too. I even updated my list of blacklisted words, which kinda-sorta-helped-but-not-really. *sigh*

Snap you're good! Go Boston knitters!

loved the candid photos
thanks for sharing

Knitters rule !

I was getting slammed with hundreds of comments a day. I updated my spam word list, too. (I can send you a copy of the words, if you'd like.) And I had to add that little math thingy, which is easier than trying to read the word jumbles. In the last two weeks I've only gotten two spams, and they had to actually go through the manual process to do it.
Glad I haven't knitted on the subway! I'd be a mug shot for sure. lol

You may have to resort to turning on your word or number verification feature.

Your comments in your archives are still active.

If the word/number verification doesn't do the trick, go back and shut down the comments allowed feature on some of your oldest archived posts and see if that helps.

I haven't gotten spammed but I think that's because I didn't register with Google and I have word verification.


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