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What should I do with empty yarn tubes?



Too silly!


I know... I still have a load of foam ones. I think I might cut these up and use them to stuff a cushion.

If the card is thin enough couldn't you recyle them at least? All the cardboard in my house gets fed to my flatmate's pet worms (yes, the woman has pet worms, its a wormery and apparently it makes really good compost)

OK, there is NO topping Alice...

napkin rings?

i don't want to think about the wormery. ewww

So simplistic, so contemporary.

Give them to little kids and see what they do with them.

A wormery, eh? Ain't that a purty thought for right after lunch.

I'm with Dorothy. Save a pile of them in a box and ask around at churches or day-care centers to see who needs arts and crafts supplies. Also a great stash-reduction trick for those squeaky acrylics people seem compelled to give us. What's up with that?

Give them to people for cat toys?

beats anything in the Dada exhibit at MoMa


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