Myster Subway Knitter of the Week!

I know what you're thinking: this must be from last week. You're correct, of course. But please understand that I have nothing!


Whoops, better put that project away. The train's coming!


ooh i love her bag.

Indeed, a very intriguing bag.

That bag looks familiar but I can't place it.... Feeling the love, for sure.

And I love how there's that bag and the big thing on the wrist.

I love her bag too! So sensible. When I was a smoker, and I was a smoker, I used to believe that if I wanted the train to come, all I had to do was light a cigarette. So tell me, does taking out your knitting summon the train similarly?

Love the action shot!

Me too. Love the bag, color and that bracelet thing is pretty great too. Who are you mystery knitter ?

I spotted you on the train this morning. My first wild sighting of you! We've met IRL at one of Suzanne's gatherings. I was the one across the aisle from you knitting the bright yellow k1p1 scarf. And unless you were extremely sneaky with your phone camera, I think I managed to escape my commute unscathed.

I love your mystery "subway knitter" photos. I am from small town Wyoming, we do not have subways, trains or even a bus system so I enjoy seeing how others live. I went to D.C. at the beginning of August and I got to ride the Metro. I did not see anyone knitting (one crocheter), I was really tempted to take my knitting just so I could be a subway knitter.

I didn't notice anyone smoking at the Metro station, hopefully all those places have become smoke free zones.

Hi! I just wanted to say, I love your photos of other subway knitters. I knit on the subway too Everyday on the Metro in Tokyo!

Great Shot. That looks like a Namaste knitting bag.

I pointed John Kelly (Wash Post columnist) in your direction! I'm glad he talked to you.

I love your mystery shots! I'm also playing guess-that-T-stop - is that Downtown Crossing? ;)


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