Math Break

So, I know that the Tiger Tank needs some short-row bust shaping.

Maggie Righetti's Sweater Design in Plain English has a great section about how to plan for and create short-row bust shaping. I always pull out my copy and read through this section before I sit down to do the math.


It's not difficult at all, if you follow Maggie's formula. She spells out what to do step-by-step.


I'm off knitting for right now, so I have some time, but I'll need to knit some short-row shaping into the top I'm knitting now. Do you know any other good sources of the bust-shaping goodness? (I don't have that book.)

I can't believe the hemp I knitted last week is STILL making my finger swollen and itchy!

ChiaLea, Big Girl Knits also has a good section on short-row bust shaping that is good for making garments for women of any size. I bought the book just for that section since I'm not keen on most of the patterns in it. :)

Colleen, I didn't know that book had a section on short row bust shaping! The book is on my list, but I haven't been able to flip through it-- anything else of note in it?

Thanks for reminding me about that book - I tend to forget some of the books I have on hand...

I really love Maggie Righetti--she was a real inspiration (well, "Knitting in Plain English," anyway) when I was learning to knit. More helpful to a beginner than EZ.

Must go get Maggie.

you're soooo good. Much better than my system of eyeballing it and guessing the math! Hoping to see you Sunday....

That book is my bible! Couldn't design without it.

That's a good tip. I have the book, and don't remember that set of instructions there. Need some kind of knitting indexing system...AFTER I inventory the yarn and AFTER I inventory the roving and then after the needles.

Says a lot about my current state of mind that I completely forgot I have that book.

So, yay, I have that book! Busts! Excellent!

Have a good've got the right "stuff" idea.

Will have to try this sit down and reread this before I start business. Maybe Math would make knitting sense to me! Thanks for the tip and reference. Go subway knitter


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