Knitter in Disguise

Hey, you! Yeah, you there across the aisle with the crossword book. So, if you're a knitter (as you claim) where's the subway project?


Okay, I understand that not everyone can knit on the train and that not every knitter wants to knit on the train (although I don't know why.)

The blurry woman in the background and I exchanged knitting pleasantries yesterday morning. I hope to see her on the train again, but next time with her needles.


you know, you're closing in on the line between being a stalker and not ;)

i almost never knit on the train. it's exclusively my reading time :)

You're so harsh! :D

Like Gleek, I almost never knit on the train. It's too crowded, and it's kinda hard to prop up a pattern and whip out your tape measure every once in a while. Wait a minute, this is why everyone knits socks on the subway! Now I get it...

She's not a knitter. She just wanted you to think she was cool.

Gosh, you're getting a little militant there! ;)

We should contact the T (Hey, Judy!) and have "Official Knit on the Subway Day". Free T-rides for everyone knitting or crocheting!

I can't wait to visit my mom in Oakton VA and knit on the metro so I can meet you!

Sometimes I wish I took a train, just so that I could knit while on it! :0)

Sometimes I wish I took a train, just so that I could knit while on it! :0)

Love the photo!

*sheepish* ooops, thought it looked like the dc metro. Ah well...

I feel like such a KIP slacker since I walk to work. It's hard to knit and walk and dodge joggers at the same time. How about starting a list of best KIP spots in places other than Boston? I nominate the benches by the Woodland Pool in Tower Grove Park in St. Louis MO. The sunlight through the cypresses just takes your breath away!


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