My niece, Katherine Anne:


She surprised all of us and arrived a week early. I know that I'm biased, but she's extremely cute.


And look, she's already modeling her knits. Great job Kate! You'll grow into these things in no time, trust me.


Congratulations! She's lovely. And isn't it funny how knits that look tiny coming off the needles can still swim on a newborn noggin?

As an unbiased observer, I can state definitively that she is adorable!

Congratulations! She's beautiful!

aaawww, precious! she's gonna love her stripey handknits soon enough! it'll be the perfect weather in about a month :) congrats!

And those booties and hat are too adorable on her!

Congratulations, Aunt Colleen! She is precious, and the bee knits look darling.

Congratulations! The knits looks great. And great name :-)

Congratulations Auntie!!!

She really is cute! Not at all like an alien which is what most babies look like then they come out! ;) Congrats to you and your family....

Congratulations! She's beautiful! Hope everyone's doing well.

Congratulations! What an adorable baby. She's so wide awake. You'll be teaching her to knit in no time!

She looks like a knitter to me! :)

Congratulations Auntie!

No bias needed. She is extremely cute and already showing a flair for modeling the handknits. Until she grows into the hat she could always use it to hold her pacifiers.

Ah, now I see what's been keeping you so busy lately! What a lovely little girl, congratulations to you and Kate's parents!

congrats!! i want to eat her up with a spoon.

Congratulations to the new Aunt! You have many fun times and great knitting ahead of you.

Congrats!!! Cute Kid. ;)

She's absolutely darling! I love her little round belly! There's nothing like babies.

Congratulations! She's adorable!

Awww! I normally don't like the children, but seeing as this one is pretty adorable and shares my name (Katherine Anne aka Kate), I make the exception. ;)

The second picture is hilarious! Finally, a mom who understands a knitter's need to need the handknits on a baby. A very cute baby, I should add.

What a doll! Congrats! And she looks great in the giant knits! My daughter took several weeks to grow into the things I'd knit her.

Congrats, Anutie Subway! It's awesome to have someone to spoil, isn't it?

So cute. Love those big wondering eyes. Congratulations!

She's beautiful! What a little princess. Congratulations to all :0)


Congrats, Auntie!

Aww, how sweet!

Congratulations to you and her parents.

Oh Wow, she is beautiful.

hahah she needs to grow a little before fitting into her beewear

but she sure is pretty.

Congratulations, Auntie!! Oh, you are so right -- she's going to grow into and right out of those cute knits in NO TIME!! Congratulations to her mummy and daddy, too. ; )

Congratulations Aunt Subway Knitter and welcome Katherine into the world! Very cute indeed!

She is precious!!
Now even more Auntie knitting can begin.
The picture in the hat and booties is wonderful, you'll have to post another for us when Miss Kate grows into them.

You are not being biased. She is love-ly! Congrats to the new parents and you!

she's lovely! congratulations and welcomes to the infinite power!

Oh knit little baby Uggs!
She's adorable.
Can you rework that boot pattern so they'd fit an adult the same way?

oooh look at her! what a cutie!

I'm not biased and she is beautiful. Congrats Auntie!


She is dear - new life is the best part of being family. Best wishes to all.

Yeah! It's fun to have a new niece! And she'll grow into (and out of) those knits oh too fast. ;)


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