How Many Are Left?

After this, how many minutes remain?



Hmmmmm, I take the Metro from Alexandria -- how come I've never seen Alexis Abernathy on the train, knitting? I guess she's on a different schedule. ;-)

Congratulations! You're a celebrity now!


(and i think you are entitled to 15 more minutes of fame...)

:) Kate

ha! great article :) how cool for you!

That's great!

wow!!! Washington Post-this is something!!! Bravo!!!

ha! awesome! look at you!

Oh, at least 14 minutes! How I wish I had been a knitter when I lived in Washington - I miss thatcommuting time something fierce!

Congratulations! That was a great article and a great mention. I was momentarily offended by the whole "tax the knitters" thing. Hopefully, no one will take him too seriously!

Wow, I sorta know someone who's sorta famous. :-)

Congratulations on the mention! Washington Post?...Cool beans!!!

congrats -- and in my hometown paper! ;)

Cool! Contratulations... What were you knitting at the baseball game?

Too cool! But isn't that the definition of a knitter?!

That's so cool that you got some recongnition in the newspaper. Keep stitchin' girl!

hey, now I can say, I read her blog way back when...
too cool!

Very cool! What's it like being famous? I hear that the paparazzi can make it difficult.

Hey, you're famous!!

Way cool Colleen!!!! Congrats to you, you KIP person, you!!!

Hey! That's pretty cool. I think that only counts for about 30 seconds of fame.. I'm sure you have 14:30 left.

Hehehehehehehe. Touch you! Famous knitter....

Though I too was offended by the tax the knitters thing.

Hah! Very cool, I'd be offended by the tax thing, but this writer seems very fairly snarky on everyone, not just us knitters ;)

Hopefully, many more!

You are so frickin' cool! a nice pick-me-up, eh?

Wow, Subway Knitter hits DC. That's a great column you're in too. I am actually envious of those who can use public transportation for once.

Yay for Subway Knitter!
Ah, that writer probably sits, horribly bored, through his whole commute. He sounds so cranky!
In the meantime, you, my dear, are making super scrumptious socks. Or a baby hat.

Can I have your autograph? ;-)

LOL! I'd say you still have like 14.5. If they had shown a picture (maybe they did?) you'd only have like 5.

Nice work spreading the gospel.

so very cool...i can't believe i just had dinner with someone as famous as you!

I've been commuting in Chicago for years, and in that time I've only seen one person knitting on the "L" and one person crocheting on the Metra train... We're totally behind the times!

I'd say you deserve many more minutes. And we can say we knew you when.

Congratulations on the exposure (hee...I said 'exposure'). And no, this doesn't count toward your 15 minutes.

How cool is it that I was reading the Post BEFORE I read your blog? (As an ex-resident of the DC area and sorely lacking a metro paper here in Vermit,reading the Post on line is a must!) Yay on the shout out!

fun! very cool :)

That's great, and just for that you can have one of my minutes.

You're famous! You're famous!

Congrats! You made my city's paper! :) A coworker who knows about my knitting/blogging asked if I knew you, and I said "Yep, it's a small community!" Funny how I *never* see any other knitters on the Metro... I did see a crocheter once, but that was a few years back.

Take care,

Of course you notice it was mostly women multi-tasking. Nice job. Spread the word!!

That's great, Congratulations! I gotta say, I don't understand why people are so self-conscious about KIP. What else would I do on my 45-minute commuterail ride. Oh ya. Read a book. But what fun is that? Looks like your plan to spread the phenomenon is working...Next step: World Domination?


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