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When you see this


you know where you are.

Fenway Park!

It was good to be back in Fenway, cheerin' on the home team as they whomped the Tigers 5 to 4.

Of course, when I wasn't cheering I was knitting the Tiger tank.


Allegiances were torn, but national loyalties finally won out.

Let's go Red Sox! And, let's go knitting!


hey good to see Fenway Park again, I was brought there as a 15 year old (Many many many moons ago) and it was a great treat!

You're my hero - I still haven't had the nerve to do that there!

Ooh, I'm coming up this Sunday for the yankees game. I can't wait!

that's actually not such a bad loss for the tigers :)

Did you notice all those 'Knit At a Baseball Game' promos do NOT include Fenway?--no need for them to sell more tickets! Congrats for scoring some and going to the game they WON!

Hey, I was there too, in the bleachers (Sec. 35) over by the green monster. I was knitting on my Mason Dixon warshrag and cheering away. Love that dirty water.

You should register for the Stitch and Pitch thing that's going around. Maybe they would add Fenway Park then.

I was hoping to knit at the last game I went to, but parenting took precedence, alas!

that's a great photo of you at Fenway - can't wait to see the TTank finished....

ooh, i'm dying to be able to go to Fenway! Lucky you!! And go Sox! (I'll cheer on any team whose fans hates the Yankees just as much [more maybe evem more so] than us Mets fans)

Whoohoo! Go Sox! Hopefully they'll still be in contention after this weekend.....

so it was ok to bring the needles into the park?

that's good to know. My partner wants to go to the US. He's crazy about baseball and American Football... so sports trips would be part of it. I'm curious enough to want to go, but doubt I could make it through the whole thing without knitting.

I got my needles confiscated (temporarily) at the Natural History Museum last week. But then London is a very different place.

Awesome. I'm hoping to see them play LAA next week, but it's hard to get up there during rush hour. We'll see . ..

I keep looking at the Stitch and Pitch website hoping to see a Fenway game. I wasn't sure they'd let knitting needles at Fenway or else I would've brought mine.

Hey, a single Stitch 'n' Picher!

I'll be visiting Boston soon and would really like to take my husband to the Red Sox game against the Royals on Sept. 9 (for his birthday). According to the official website, there are no tickets available, and I'm not sure I trust online ticket services. Any suggestions?


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