And Then Along Comes Mary

Or rather, and then we came along Mary.

This week seems to be KIP week over here at the blog:

Whom did I spot while I was leaving a restaurant after a lovely dinner with friends? It's Mary:


She's knitting with Socks that Rock. Mary told us a great story of knitting in Aruba. Somehow a drink was involved, and next thing she knew...whoops...there were needles and yarn everywhere. But not a stitch was dropped! Is that yarny devotion or what?


That's awesome! And STR to boot!

she looks happy with her socks :)

She's so cute. I can just imagine her partying it up in Aruba!

Okay Colleen, here's my question to you, about KIP. Where do you draw the line? KIP on public transport is great, waiting at the doc office, etc, is wonderful knitting time. But do you ever knit while at a restaurant with friends, etc?? Where do you draw your KIP line???

Great picture! And what a great way to meet knitters!

That's Mary! I wonder if she's still shaking sand out of them?

mary rules. what a great photo.

To answer Kim's question, YES! Knit at restaurants and wherever you please. Mary rocks!

Mary, God love 'er, rocks.

Read the article. You are so busted. Knitters are going to be looking for the cameras now!


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