All Nighter

No, not really. A more accurate description would be all of 15 minutes.


I had reached the point where the armhole shaping begins. Call it the late summer doldrums, but it took a while to motivate myself to do the calculations. First, I printed off this excellent Knitty article on sleeve shaping. The article's main focus is on shaping the sleeve cap, and it gives little advice about creating the armscye of the sweater body. Still, I was able to fudge some instructions from that.

I find that most armscye shaping on tanks is too wide. I want that armhole to hug my shoulder better, come up higher under my arm and generally provide better coverage. Therefore, I took the general instructions in the Knitty article (alternatively, I could have used the instructions from a favorite pattern as a basis) adjusted them to my gauge, and then shortened the initial bindoff and the total number of stitches decreased. I also measured a favorite tank to get a good neck width. We'll see if this works.


you're going to need a vacation somewhere warm this winter to try this baby out....

Hope it works for you. I think most tanks have too big armholes too.

Your hard work is paying off--I can't wait to see the completed project!

have you ever tried the top-down set-in sleeve method described in the "knitting from the top" book? brooklyntweed used it on one of his sweaters and it seemed as if it worked like a charm.

Sounds very clever to me! Looking forward to seeing a FO! :0)

I have faith that you and your clever crafting brain will develop a suitable solution that is by stylish and comfortable.


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