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South End KIPing

Between the UPS trucks, look what I spotted today on Columbus Avenue:


Nashoba Bakery's Slow Rise Café, 268 Columbus Avenue. It's very close to Back Bay, just use the Clarendon Street exit, walk south, and take a right at the lights. You can't miss it.

How exciting, and not only for the KIPing opportunities (I happen to think that Nashoba's bread is yummy). I wonder how long this has been open. Certainly more than six months, otherwise I would (or should) have known about this place.


My niece, Katherine Anne:


She surprised all of us and arrived a week early. I know that I'm biased, but she's extremely cute.


And look, she's already modeling her knits. Great job Kate! You'll grow into these things in no time, trust me.

All Nighter

No, not really. A more accurate description would be all of 15 minutes.


I had reached the point where the armhole shaping begins. Call it the late summer doldrums, but it took a while to motivate myself to do the calculations. First, I printed off this excellent Knitty article on sleeve shaping. The article's main focus is on shaping the sleeve cap, and it gives little advice about creating the armscye of the sweater body. Still, I was able to fudge some instructions from that.

I find that most armscye shaping on tanks is too wide. I want that armhole to hug my shoulder better, come up higher under my arm and generally provide better coverage. Therefore, I took the general instructions in the Knitty article (alternatively, I could have used the instructions from a favorite pattern as a basis) adjusted them to my gauge, and then shortened the initial bindoff and the total number of stitches decreased. I also measured a favorite tank to get a good neck width. We'll see if this works.

You Put the Short Rows In

You take the short rows out. You put the shortrows BACK in and then you resist the urge to toss this damn project out the window.

Oh, I'm sorry. DId I write that? Yes, the Tiger Tank is being a bit difficult these days. After leisurely doing the short-row bust shaping (and I mean leeeeeeeisurely, like 10 days or so) I realized that I wrapped those stitches incorrectly.

Grrr (that's me, not Tiger Tank). So, out came the wraps. Redoing the wraps took no more than a few hours (thank goodness for Knitsmiths!)

Really, though, I didn't mind. The pure meditative qualities of this knit are welcome lately, and if all I had to do was knit a few more rows, then it was fine with me.

The process. And that's what it's all about!

Knitter in Disguise

Hey, you! Yeah, you there across the aisle with the crossword book. So, if you're a knitter (as you claim) where's the subway project?


Okay, I understand that not everyone can knit on the train and that not every knitter wants to knit on the train (although I don't know why.)

The blurry woman in the background and I exchanged knitting pleasantries yesterday morning. I hope to see her on the train again, but next time with her needles.

And Then Along Comes Mary

Or rather, and then we came along Mary.

This week seems to be KIP week over here at the blog:

Whom did I spot while I was leaving a restaurant after a lovely dinner with friends? It's Mary:


She's knitting with Socks that Rock. Mary told us a great story of knitting in Aruba. Somehow a drink was involved, and next thing she knew...whoops...there were needles and yarn everywhere. But not a stitch was dropped! Is that yarny devotion or what?

How Many Are Left?

After this, how many minutes remain?

Myster Subway Knitter of the Week!

I know what you're thinking: this must be from last week. You're correct, of course. But please understand that I have nothing!


Whoops, better put that project away. The train's coming!


Back To Knitting

When you see this


you know where you are.

Fenway Park!

It was good to be back in Fenway, cheerin' on the home team as they whomped the Tigers 5 to 4.

Of course, when I wasn't cheering I was knitting the Tiger tank.


Allegiances were torn, but national loyalties finally won out.

Let's go Red Sox! And, let's go knitting!

Some Spying

Here's our mystery subway knitter of the week:


Those familiar with our MBTA system might notice that our knitter is actually at North Station. While that is a subway stop, she was spotted on the commuter rail platform.

Amber provided a clever decoy while I surreptitiously snapped the photo. I think that our mystery knitter was on to us, but played along anyway.

Some Art

What should I do with empty yarn tubes?



Too silly!

Some Sky

For Sandy:


It's the Boston skyline from the harbor. I'll have you all know that I risked sea sickness to get this shot.

Some Shopping

I found myself, as I often do, in Windsor Button. Trying to escape from the hot sun I ducked into the cool, air-conditioned confines of the Temple Place store.

I left with this:


Yeah, no serious shopping here. I saw one of these at Cabin Cove not too long ago, and I wanted an extra needle sizer for my circular-needle case.

Some Knitters

[Typepad or MT bloggers: is anyone else getting absolutely slammed by spam comments? This started yesterday for me.]

Four knitters, one subway car:


You're reading Interweave during your commute home; you must be a knitter.

And you, over there! With the socks!


What's this? You're being pretty cagey with those hands but I spot the purple yarn in your lap:


I'm totally taking credit for starting the subway knitting trend.

Who's the fourth? Well, me, of course!

Dabble In: Knitting

Last week Nona was blogging about the Summer of the Dabble. What better month than August to have a little dabble in this and that?

In solidarity with Nona, I'm embarking on my first-ever dabble week (or so). Seven (or so) days of knitting, yarn, and whatever else strikes my fancy.

In honor of this, I'm going to dabble in blogging. Posts will be every other day.

First? The knitting, of course. I have managed to dabble in the Tiger Tank:


I finished the waist decreases and increases, and I'm working my way toward the short-row shaping. I had better get out a tape measure soon. Don't want to knit past the mark.

My concerns about the yarn's pooling? They're gone. The yarn pools, it begins to stripe, and then it fades into random lines. I like it.


Stuff's going on. Not bad stuff at all. Pretty good stuff, but busy stuff.

Therefore I have determined that this weekend is going to be a blog-free "stuff" kinda weekend. You know the stuff that I mean: see friends, clean house, do laundry, eat dinner out. Knit. Try and respond to some emails. Read blogs. That kinda stuff.

So, I'll see you all on Monday.

Math Break

So, I know that the Tiger Tank needs some short-row bust shaping.

Maggie Righetti's Sweater Design in Plain English has a great section about how to plan for and create short-row bust shaping. I always pull out my copy and read through this section before I sit down to do the math.


It's not difficult at all, if you follow Maggie's formula. She spells out what to do step-by-step.

Tank Talk

First off, I would like to wish Valentina & Co safe travels as they leave us. We'll miss you! Keep blogging!

Last weekend wasn't as productive for my knitting as I had hoped. I made progress, but I expected to be well past the waist increases by now.

Eh, it's okay. It's summer, it's hot, and I'm being lazy.


This yarn is pooling very strangely. It's almost like tiger stripes. That's perfect for [I can't believe I thought of this mere moments ago.] the Tiger Tank!


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