What Has Changed?


I'll admit, not much. And why is that? Well, you see, yesterday I forgot my knitting at home.

Of course, I didn't discover this until I got all the way to the station. That's one risk with the small projects. They occupy so little room in your bag that you don't know when they're there, or rather, when they're not there. That was certainly the case yesterday, when I sat down to discover that my knitting hadn't accompanied me.

Drat! No knitting for Subway Knitter! There was only an abandoned copy of the Boston Herald to separate me from my fellow subway riders.


OMG! You must have been freaking out. I remember taking the subway, and I HAD to have my book. It didn't matter that I read the same page over and over, it was my security book. lol And you had no pointy stick to protect yourself...

Don't you hate it when that happens? Hopefully the sock will grow over the weekend. : )

Hopefully you have it with you today!

I think it got cuter overnight.

Urgh. I hate when I do stuff like that.

I hate when that happens! I always freak out when I don't have any knitting with me when I'm in the car (as a passenger).

I'd love to bring my knitting to work but I'd get warehouse dust all over it. And the commute is a one-mile walk. If I knit while I walk, I'd trip and break my best neck! So the knitting waits for me at home. We greet each other happily and spend some quality time...

I forgot a needle once. Took the ink thingy out of a cheap pen and used that. Works for socks!


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