Well Heeled

How many times have I written about the glories of a short-row heel and I have yet to use this pun? Go figure.


The heel is, indeed, looking well.

I completely agree with those of you who suggested that my next knit should be lace socks. Lace socks in Koigu, perhaps? Yeah, good ol' Koigu KPPPM. It's been a while since we've been together. Or some Claudia Handpainted? I have some that's earmarked for a sweater, and getting more would require a trip to The Point. Factor in the train ticket, and that's one expensive pair of socks. Or Yarntini? Or just go low tech and hop up to Circles. Yeah, that's probably the ticket, especially since I'll be there on Sunday for Alistar's double-knitting class.

But first, let's get back to these booties.


I think you need to custom design some yarn from ME! ;)

These are going to be gorgeous socks, love the colors!!!

Got here via Heather's blog...paperclips, glad I stopped by.

Have a great day, G

I just looked at Scout's yarn, and I'm drooling... Run like hell is a great colorway (and name!).
I think you can't go wrong with the Yarntini self-striping yarn. I always look forward to the next color change! Ah, simple pleasures...

That little person is going to have a great pair of sock!

The heel looks lovely--but is it the yarn or the knitting or both?? (grin)

(And, I love short-row heels, too.)

You're going to get me to try short row heels, ya know. Such a cute little sockie.

I vote for Scout's yarn as Claudia's would mean leaving the house and it's too hot for that.

I really like the short row heel - so neat and tidy. Are you taking the double knitting class? Sounds fascinating!

Am I the last knitter never to have tried the glorious short-row heel? This post inspires me to get moving!

Yarntini or Koigu!

lace socks yes!! i have no idea on what yarn to choose as i'm not a connoisseur of yarn (i'm an el-cheapo).

short row heel all the way baby! i'm also obsessed with the turkish toe, so obsessed that i transform all my patterns to toe up for it!


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