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Thanks Melissa!

If you're new to the blog, I'll fill you in on what you're looking at. On your left is the remaining yarn from my Sockapaloooza Socks. Melissa, by the way, was the best sockpal ever. Now, between this and the two mini hanks she sent with the socks, I have enough for a hat and booties--perhaps more--for the niece/nephew. Maybe knitted pants! [I know what you're thinking: "Whoa, Colleen, tuck it in."] But seriously, how cute would they be? Their practicality could be assessed at another time....

On the right is the remaining half skein of the Moss colorway. Yay! More yarn for my stole. Now I have enough to make a wide stole that'll cover my neck, but not be too long as to hang all over the place. Perfect!!

p.s.: Melissa has posted a bunch of new hanks to her Etsy shop (link above). Go have a look.


Melissa does make some fine, fine fiber! I just received a skein of Moss, and it is gorgeous stuff.

That is some beautiful fiber, I am sure it will be as good to knit with as it is to look at. Enjoy


Hmm, the pants would be cute... but the usefulness??


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