Two Itty Bitty Booties

One itty bitty bootie.


Ah, ah, ah.

Two itty bitty booties.



Ah, ah, ah.

The details: Itty Bitty Bee Booties

Yarn: Mission Falls 1824 Cotton

Needles: US7s, DPNs

Gauge: about 4 stitches an inch

Pattern: My own

Cuff: cast on 24 stitches, join, work in K1, P1 ribbing for 12 rows. Change to StSt for 8 Rows. Next row: *K2Tog, YO* repeat from *. Knit two more rows in StSt.

Ankle/Heel: Work 2 rows in StSt. To shape heel work, short-row wraps until there are six stitches between the innermost wraps. Work back, picking up wraps (it's a normal short-row heel--google it for better instructions). Work two rows in StSt.

Foot: Work 8 Rows in StSt.

Toe: K4, K2Tog. Next Row: K3, K2Tog. Next Row: K2, K2Tog. Next Row: K1, K2Tog. Cut yarn, thread it through the remaining 8 stitches and cinch them together. Weave in ends.

Tie: Cast on 2 sts. Work in i-cord until piece measures about 8 inches (or desired lenght). Thread through YOs and tie into a bow. Alternatively, skip the i-cord and use a length of cute ribbon.


How adorable! And your own pattern, I'm so impressed--great job!!

Too cute! I adore the booties.

The toes look great.

Beautiful! You must post a picture of the whole emsemble.

What a lucky ducky, this baby (and well dressed, too)!

Yay!! They are absolutely adorable.

I Love the Count!

Ah ah ah!

And the booties!

oh, those are absolutely adorable! i'm gonna make a moderne baby blanket (from MDK) with mission falls cotton and maybe i can use some leftovers for booties :)

Absolutely cute! When will we see the beeb in the entire getup?

So cute! I love the Count too.

v. cute! Will look great with the sweater.

Yay! This pair turned out perfectly. Your sweet little bumblebee will look so sweet in this set. :)


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