The View This Morning

Up bright and early this morning because it's too hot to sleep (yeah, not a big fan of the A/C) and I had to block my Shetland Stole.

This project flew, I tell you. Flew! It was only last weekend that I joined this second ball of rescue yarn from Melissa. The rythym of this stitch pattern was so relaxing, and I found myself grabbing for my needles constantly. I used Fir Cone from Barbara Walker's A Treasury of Knitting Patterns, you can order directly from the publisher at that site by simply scrolling down the page.

In between sips of coffee (yes, I must have my morning java even on the hottest of days) this was my view this morning:


It's good to know that my table is part of Drexel's "Today's Living" series. It came to me via aout six months' worth of browsing on Craigslist.

Blocking the stole under the table made sense. I got a large expanse of rug, and there was little chance that a careless foot would step on a pin.


If I continue to knit and to block lace, then I must invest in some blocking wires (Don't you love how we write things like "invest in blocking wires" when all we really should write is "spend money and buy yet more knitting crap"? It's not like the blocking wires wil appreciate in value over time. I'm not going to be able to retire on my blocking-wire income.) All those pins!


I did something pretty clever here. I didn't bind off the end stitches just yet. My thinking was that if I were to bind off after blocking, the edge created would be more true to the actual stole size. As with the cast-on edge, I plan to bind off in a larger needle size.

Golly: not too long until Knitsmiths. Two weeks in a row, people! Yay!


Colleen, you're an absolute genius! That's the perfect spot for blocking something so large (unless you're planning a dinner party).

Looking forward to seeing the final product! So, how many total yards did you wind up with?

Oh, it's lovely!

ohhh, i can't wait to see it post-blocking! it looks great.

I like the idea about not binding off until it's blocked. Hmm..

that's some beautiful lace you got there! :) you can also use a stiff cotton yarn to block lace. have you seen the tutorial that yarn harlot put together?

Lovely stole! Can't wait to see it after it's bound off.

Good spot. Wires amortize themselves over time. Think how much your time is worth. Time knitting? Or time pinning?

Looks very pretty. Your knitting group sounds like so much fun.
I love the brush with the King of Geeks!

If I tried blocking that way (which I can't because our dining room table has a single center post), the cats would have a hay-day with it! I don't even want to imagine what would happen.

That is very clever notion. I go - duh, why didn't I think of that!...but then, I didn't think of that.


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