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Now, as you all know, I'm on the fence about sock knitting. Oh how I love it when it's happening, but when I don't have a sock project happening, I don't find myself missing it too much.

I guess that there's been a lot of other knitting occupying my mind lately.

The new summer Knitty is out, and thanks to a helpful reminder from Eva [Hey, how's it going? I can't comment on your blog often because a server in one of the locations where I spend a huge chunk of my time blocks Blogger's comment application.] I cruised over to the site to have a look.

And, what's one of the first things to catch my eye?


Who designed it?

She did.

Seem familiar? Long-time blog readers might remember my joy over the Pomotomus pattern this spring. Let's just add Cookie's latest pattern to the to-knit list. I'll give it a month or two, just in case any errors arrise and just so I can find the perfect sock yarn.


I'm adding it to my list too--I'm intrigued by the figure 8 cast-on.

That is one gorgeous pair of socks!

Cookie rocks!!

i know! i really like that sock pattern and RPM. i'm actually quite pleased with this knitty. lots of stuff that i want to knit!

I'm with you on both Baudelaire and RPM! The gloves (with and without fingers) run a close second.

There are a couple of "Huh?" items - especially that chunky necklace.

Gorgeous! That pattern wouldn't come up when I was purusing the new Knitty first time round. So glad you mentioned it.


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