When you spend an hour or so doing this:


You know that this


can't be very far off.

Oooh, this is my new quicky baby gift of choice. This bootie took little more than one day. Need a baby gift quick? Grab some leftover sock yarn and cast on for some booties. Not only do these things finish in a blink of an eye, but also they are damn fun to knit. I'm not so sure about the use of "damn" when refering to a baby knit, but you get the picture. Such a great project!

I thought that the train knitting would be the only blog-worthy content of the day. I was wrong.


Hand-knit, larger-than-life flowers by Tatyana Yanishevsky. Um, interesting. It's very "Little Shop of Horrors" an aesthetic which I do not understand.

Fortunately, the knittness didn't end there. But, you'll need to wait until tomorrow to find out more.


I love those booties! I checked out the pattern from Interweave. It doesn't give approx. ages they will fit. Do you have a good guess from the ones you have made?
Also, I love the knit flower. I think my husband would have a few choice comments though.

wow, that is a crazy looking flower!

those flowers are AMAZING! thanks for sharing the pic

Nice pic of you on the Commuter Rail. (I miss the days of commuting from Natick to Boston on that.)
The flower? Not so sure about that.

Those booties are so cute. I'm with Dave on the flower, though.

Knitting huge flowers would be cool. I didn't get the "Little Shop of Horrors" either though.

You are really tempting me with those little booties.

Lovely little booties! And that flower is too cool!

That is funky... and not something I would use in my decor!

I love quick knit baby projects too. Those are really cute!


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