Playing Favorites

I'm almost at my favorite part of a sock, the short row heel.

Wouldn't a picture right about now be fabulous? I agree. The photo of this baby sock was, unfortunately, so blurry that it looked like a big blue blob. Not the Blue Blog, but the blue blob.

Thank goodness for this teeny project. I can't ignore the fact that four slender needles in my hands feel great. Clearly, casting on for proper socks cannot be far off. The question is: socks or lace? socks or lace? [Or both?]


Both...definitely both!

I agree with Dee - BOTH! Knitty has some neat new patterns up - and I've seen some knit up and they look great. :)

I'm with dee and wenders: lace socks! :)

what about a pair of lacy socks?

Yay! Lace Socks!!

Yeah, obviously, lace socks! I am not a big fan of the short row heel, I did it a couple of times, but it never looks as good as the basic 3 piece heel flap.

is there any good directions (with pictures or video) for short row heels? or even a book! i have read the directions a million times but cant seem to grasp it at all. thought i would ask you since you are such a fan of them.

Lace socks! Or make the Icarus shawl (like me soon) in the latest Interweave. Or just lace socks.

Lace, socks, don't the possibilities make you dizzy?!

Obviously, as others have noted - lace socks!

Both. Lace socks of course. I totally agree with everyone on that one.

lace socks, the pomatomus creator has great patterns you know :)

Lace socks, of course. I second all the above. As if you had to ask. Sheesh.


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