Mystery Subway Crocheter of the Week

That's a pretty good technique you have there. Crocheting, standing on the platform, and holding two shopping bags.


Amazing! I can't even hold my camera without shaking it.


She must have some amazing upper arm strength to do that. (Maybe from balancing small children??) Seriously, that's NOT an easy thing to do.

omg....... i love how the title of this post is shortened to: mystery_subway_croch_2.html

It makes me read "myster subway crotch 2" and makes me question the content of this post and the dirtiness of my own mind...

That's just asking for trouble. I'd crash into everything in sight!

I love it! I also thought of the "mystery crotch"

Fantastic photo!!

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Keep up the good work with this threads bro :)


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