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A couple of weeks ago, Lucy was dyeing yarn, and she asked for requests.


Not too bad, eh?

I have more of Lucy's wonderful merino/tencel handdye, and it's earmarked for stoles. Both colorways are saturated, mysterious, and very low contrast. One is mostly gray, with just a touch of brown in different light. The other has deep purples. I love them both.

Good thing that I found this link to rectangular stole patterns. Seems like I'll be needing some ideas....


ryc: super 88 in malden

Oooooo pretty!
Thanks for the link to the stole patterns, I'm on the prowl too =)

Lucy's yarn is gorgeous--- thanks for pointing it out to me.

ooo, thanks for the link to all those rectangular shawls! what a find!

Pretty yarn. Thanks for the links. Now, I have to look at those. Yikes!

Thanks for the link! I like rectangular stoles so much better than triangle granny pointy ended shawls. I've had the Gothic Leaf Stole by Sivia Harding on my to-do list.

Thanks for the link to the links. I just went through and confirmed that I really do want to make the shawl I was considering. (I have to admit that part of the draw is that it's marked as difficult and that I can't find anyone on the 'net who's knitted it.)

... now all I need to do is finish up Mermaid, and some of the other projects I have planned on tiny little needles.

Oh, that is beautiful yarn! And what a list of links - Thanks!

Beautiful yarn! Thanks for the list of links - what a great resource.

Nice links! I bought Leda's Dream recently.

Isn't JennyRaye's list of stole patterns great?! Love it. The purplish yarn is wondrous...


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