More Tank!

I had forgotten the beauty of a stockinette stitch garment that's knit in the round. I can knit with abandon and take fleeting glances at the piece. It's good for the ol' eyesight, let me tell you.


Of course, this gives me ample opportunity to observe my fellow subway riders. Maybe I need more lace in my life....


i started a tank too, knit in the round :) it's going to be my fast & easy mindless knitting project.

Regarding making decisions as you go along about the neckline, etc. - just the way summer knitting should be! And of course you have a gauge swatch behind you so you won't have the feeling of frittered the summer away.

Sometimes you just need some simple knitting :0) Looking forward to seeing your progress.

Oooh, I want to hear about the people you see on the T. People are fascinating, aren't they?...

Hee hee - what a choice! The soothing simplicity of stockinette, but more unfortunate eye contact on the subway...


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