Lazy Summertime Knitting

Thank you for your wonderful comments yesterday. I'm anything but lazy at work these days, so it's hard to check in at my blog address very often (not that I would do bloggy email at work, or something irresponsible like that).

Because of this, I need a small, satisfying project.

What could be better in this situation than some baby booties?


Sasha mentioned this pattern in my comments a few weeks ago. Thanks Sasha! This is exactly the type of thing that I need to be working on right now.


These are a great pattern, I made a pair awhile back (the ruffled rib)and they were fun. I especially liked the zigzag toe cast off. Have fun!

Looks like a great pattern. I'm so glad to hear how responsible you are, and full of integrity, too. How relieved I am to know you would never do bloggy things at work :0)

Love those booties. The ruffled rib is perfect for left over Lornas sock yarn--I've made two pairs.

OMG, I've been linked to!
(uhh, does that mean I actually have to post content on my blog?)
Can't wait to see your booties.

Cute little booties. Those would be a great stash buster and some really good instant gratification knits.

ooo, that is such a cool pattern! Quick, and not boring - a friend of mine is having twins, and I made here 2 pairs, not a hint of "4th bootie syndrome"...

Oh, these booties are going to look so lovely - looking forward to seeing pics of them when they're finished!


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