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Yeah, it's back to the selfish knitting chez Subway Knitter.


The yarn is Adrienne Vittadini Nicole; the colorway is "Parchment".

How to describe this yarn? It doesn't feel like a typical acrylic. Had I not known the fiber content I would have guessed that it was natural, not synthetic.

Using US5s, I got 5.25 stitches and 8 rows per inch. The label indicates that I'll get 6 stitches per inch on a US6. Yarn lables are so silly.

It's probably silly to begin a summer top at the end of July, but with some cap sleeves I think that I can stretch the wearability of this knit until the end of September.

What's the pattern? Ha! Pattern! Now that's really silly.


i think it's fine to start a summer top now ... as hot as it is here, i'll be wearing summer tops into november!

You'll be more inspired to keep working on it so you can wear it, right??

Pretty--I love the way it's knitting up!

Are you going to make a cap sleeved top with slightly poofy sleeves? Like this:

(I'm only asking because that's what I'd like to make right now, and I'm wondering if we had the same idea!)

It's pretty! Is it me or does it seem slightly sheer?


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