I'm Back!

Last week contained minimal subway knitting, and did I ever miss it. I futzed around with a swatch of some wonderful novelty cotton (it's nubly, but hardly what I would term a novelty yarn). You might remember that I was trying to knit a summer sun hat. One version failed, and then I tried it again.

This project has failed completely.

The yarn is too limp to take the shape that I want the hat to have. Remember this? My second version looked no different, despite a fundamental design change. So, do you know what happened? To the frog pond it went. I can buy myself a sun hat--there's a hat shop near my office--I don't have to knit it.


Still, I like this yarn. It's simply wrong for what I want it to do, and I'm just not sure what will become of the 400 yards of it that I own. Could it be a stockinette tank? That seems so "eh" to me this year. Is anyone interested? Let me know. Maybe we can arrange for a swap.

Meanwhile, this left me room to pick up the Shetland Stole. I reattached my needle, wound up Melissa's yarn, and was ready to go.


Oh lace feels so good. So, so, so good. I'm back, baby!


gah! sorry that second try didn't work out any better. at least the shetland stole is coming out nicely!

I love your shetland stole project! In fact, after seeing your photo, I've switched from my new red socks to a colorway I almost forgot I owned -- similar to yours - for my next pr of socks... will miss you today, am hoping for next week. Ah, summer!

The stole looks so beautiful... gotta pick up my lace needles!!

that shetland stole is gonna be rockin'!

Did you see the tank in the Spring Knitty? With the raglan decreases around the top? I've been thinking of making that... but I'm going to have to figure a way to make the back neck come up further and the sleeves come down longer. It might work for your yarn though you'll need a bit more than 400 yards probably....

Oh the stole looks soo beautiful. Great yarn, great pattern! Can't wait to see it done and in use =)

There's a hat shop downtown?


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