I'll Be Seeing You...

in all those over air-conditioned places:


The Shetland Stole is complete!


Why wait until fall to use this? This will become my summertime back-of-the-chair wrap for those days when someone in my office thinks that we're running a meat locker. I have an energy-saving idea for every office: turn the thermostat up by five degrees in the summer, and down by five degrees in the winter. But, until that happens, my shoulders will be nice and warm in my Shetland Stole.


The details:

Yarn: Yarn All Over handdye, 1.5 hanks, colorway Moss. (The link is here for a reason. Go and buy some of this yarn! It's fabulous.)

Needles: US8s, with US9s for casting on and binding off.

Pattern: ten repeats of the Fir Cone pattern in A Treasury of Knitting Patterns by Barbara Walker (scroll down to buy from the publisher).

Finished size: 45 by 22 inches, after blocking. Perfect!


Here I am pondering the next project. I need something for subway knitting. Stay tuned.


That is GORGEOUS! Congratulations.

Colleen - it's beautiful - and it looks lovely on.

It's lovely and the colour is really nice and subtle.

Oh, Colleen, how beautiful! Those colors are incredible!

it looks fantastic! I love how the pattern pops. :) Yum!

lovely!!!!! i think this is a winner! :)

Did anyone ever mention that's you picked a perfect colorway for the stitch pattern? It is! Enjoy your new shawl, it's beautiful!

Oooooh, how beautiful!!! I agree, don't wait 'til Fall!

Use it now! Especially since we have a few 90* days and the AC will be set to arctic.

Love the pattern & the colors!

That is really lovely. It looks very fluid too!


Just wonderful! :)

Very Lovely! The yarn is beautiful and looks great on you!

It looks great! I also have a stole that gets a lot of use in the office during the summer. I crocheted it our of Euroflax Linen, but some days it's so cold at work I think I need a wool one instead!

It's really lovely and the yarn is wonderful! Nice job! Perfect for overly air conditioned offices.

Gorgeous! I love it..it turned out beautifully.

Colleen - what a beautiful stole! wow! i love the colors. my office is freezing too!

that turned out great! i work in a meat locker too. if only we spent less time worrying about how much energy the lights and computers are using and just changed the thermostat 5 degrees instead.

That is just gorgeous. Lovely job!


Well done.

Your stole looks so pretty. And you look beautiful in it. You'll need the stole, in all those airconditioned places after all!

It looks just beautiful!

Cheers, kudos and a round of applause!

"Moss" is perfect for your coloring and for the pattern you chose.

That turned out so beautiful! The coloring of the yarn is nice, and still subtle enough for that GREAT pattern to come through! CONGRATULATIONS!

Lovely...Did you color your hair since I've seen you? Gorgeous!
And blocking beneath a table is flippin brilliant, by the way.

Cool, looks so lovely! I love it.

Really lovely work! It's beautiful, and you look great :0)

That came out beautifully! The drape is really nice. I agree with the meatlocker solution.

Looks great! Congrats on a beautiful stole. : )

Shawls are perfect for over chilly places in the summer (and there are plenty!). The colors are so pretty and you did a nice job of knitting. Enjoy!!
I'm not an a/c fan either. Besides morning is a wonderful time of day.

It looks fabulous!

That's a beautiful shawl! The colours are lovely.

Yes, AC should never be that high. We are not frozen meat kthx.


Lace stole v. Lace triangle. Pros and cons?

Sweet! And I mean that in the street sense, not in the innocent sence. Crap, I just walked a mile and a half in this heat; just know that it's a compliment. AND I did go to the Yarn All Over Etsy shop, and I think I'm gonna need a little more info to slavishly follow in your footsteps.

This actually makes me want to learn to knit lace... GREAT job. It's beautiful. And excellent choice of yarn color.

the yarn and pattern are gorgeous and a perfect combination

Gorgeous, great pattern, beautiful colors. Congrats!

You look so great in your new shalw--congratulations!

i get behind for a day on my blog reading and you finish the stole. it's great! i love the swirliness of fir cone.

the stole looks fantastic. you look quite lovely wearing. very nice, colleen. :)

That stole is divine! It is a great color for you as well.

It's stunning! Gotta agree with you about the AC at work. Ack. But they've already figured out the heat thing - it's COLD where I work in the winter. Ah well, more shawl wearing opportunities, right?!

it's beautiful. Just 10 repeats of fir cone .. maybe I can manage that!

Well done, that stole is gorgeous, the yarn is so beautiful and it looks so elegant but yet comforting.

Just beautiful!

I've got that Treasury of Knitting patterns compendium (all four) on my wish list and I cannot wait to thumb through those pages. Especially if I can create a shawl as stunning as yours.

So beautiful!!! Hey, if the Bristol trip is going to happen, it needs to happen SOON. School starts in a couple of weeks. AGGGGGGH!!!!


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