I Love Boston, Reason #734


It means what you think it does (I asked the driver).


Ha ha ha ha ha on ALL of them. (Especially the Twit Mitt!)

That's awesome! Will he change it in two years, I wonder?

Triple threat! Excellent.

Ha - I love it! Not to get too political or anything, but one of my favorite Boston-generated political buttons read: "Yankees Suck, Vote Kerry."

Haaa! Love it!

I keep meaning to share this bumper sticker I saw with everyone but keep forgetting:


Makes me wanna sing "Love that Dirty Water"!

Ahahah. That's absolutely amazing.

While walking to work this morning, I chanced upon two vehicles in a driveway. Each car had a sticker: one read "W 2004" and the other had an encircled "W" with a big red line through it. Heck. There must be lively scenes in that household.

Love it, Love it!

Now I love Boston, too.

The sentiment is echoed up here too.

Love it. There's a van in my neighborhood with an "America Needs a Buddhist President" sticker that I like.

I have to work *so* hard to get Boston jokes sometimes.

(It's about the president, not landscaping, right? Who's Mitt?)

proud to live in a Blue State! and LOVE those plates!!!

You can't spell Dubya without Duhh... Proud to be from Missouri, the state that elected a dead man (Mel Carnahan) over John Ashcroft in 2000.

OH!! I am so lucky. FGWB and FUGWB are both available in Washington State! GFYGWB is too! Why didn't I ever think of this?

Am go glad I am not the only one who didn't get the Mitt one..

Glad to see I'm not the only person who takes pictueres of funny license plates ;-)

Love it!
I also love the one that has W's face with a WTF? next to it.

Isn't it wonderful we can still speak our minds with a bumper sticker? I wonder if the MA license people know what the initials meant. LOL

OH yeah! I like the demitasse style hints just so you know along which lines to be thinking.

oh yeah.


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