I Cut It Out

In addition to making a nice eating surface, my dining-room table makes a perfect sewing workspace. I must confess: I use it mostly as a worktable, and eat most of my meals in the kitchen.

Anyway, you're not here to read about the domestic habits of Subway Knitter. You're here to read about the Hustle Bustle Skirt.

In preparation for the upcoming sewing spree, I cut out my pattern pieces:


Wow! I am sew (get it?) curious to see how this pattern works. Right now I have a large rectangle for the skirt, and one long and skinny rectangle for the tie. This is going to be interesting.


Wait...people use their dining room tables for things other than cutting up fabric? Huh. I'll have to look into that.

missed you yesterday!

I use my dining room table for dyeing...

my table (and i can't even call it a dining room table because i don't have a dining room!) is used mostly to store mail :) and then i clean it off in order to use it for crafty things.

i can't wait to see your skirt!

Oh, looking forward to how the mystery will be resolved!

Mine is a holding zone for knitting projects and a staging area for whatever else is going on.

I can't wait to see how this pattern works out.

Did you get an e-mail from Laura about the buttonhole error on the pattern? the button hole instruction and the S, M, L, instruction are switched on the pattern. Please remember that when your making your button hole, move it donw one more level!
Just wanted to make sure you had seen that.

Oooh, I ordered my copy of that pattern last week. I can't wait to receive it and see how it all works. I'm not totally sure it will be flattering on me with my shape bottom but I'm willing to chance it. Is that Rowan fabric, its very pretty?

Hey! I love the action shot! May the sewing gods be with you during your journey into Hustle Bustle land...
Looking GOOD!


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