Happy Summertime Knitting

Thank you to everyone who chimed in with a comment to Wednesday's post. All that bumper needed was a vintage "Don't Blame Me, I'm From Massachusetts" sticker.

WIth the return of the Shetland Stole comes the return of the egg crates.

[I'll have you know that I 'shopped that photo to within an inch of its life. Colors are better than the original photo, but not as accurate as I would like.]

This stole is flying. Can I tell you how much I love the rhythm of this lace pattern? Love. It.

At first, I thought that this extra half skein of Yarn All Over would be just sufficient for lengthening the stole to shoulder-covering length. But, it's more than enough to make a suitable stole, and perhaps a short scarf.

Thanks again, Melissa!


ah, i love lace. it's so beautiful even in its unblocked state.

It looks good already. I look forward to seeing this all blocked out.

Anticipation for what it will ultimately look like!

Lovely! It's coming along really nicely.

Thanks for the link with all those wonderful shawl patterns.
I am on a shawl kick, and I am so bored with triangulars.

Today on the Red Line I saw some graffiti that made me think of your last post. Along the door there is the decal that says "watch your step" to which someone carefully added Bush.

Not only did I enjoy yesterday's post very much, but I sent it to my mom and my hubby who both enjoyed it too!
Can't wait to see the finished lace - looks great!

Bwahahaha! I love it!!


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