Okay, it's a day late. But, when returning to the office after a loooooong weekend (and knowing that most of July is going to put the "hell" into "hellacious" workwise) a girl needs some new clothes:


I love this skirt!!


The details:


Pattern: Hustle Bustle Skirt by Miss Twiss. Pattern info here, buy it here.

Material: "Paperweight," by Kaffe Fassett for Rowan and Westminster fabrics (GP-20). I bought it at Valley Fabrics. You can, too. Simple white muslin for a lining.

What I changed: I eliminated the ruffle, and incorporated its length into my skirt. For perspective, I'm 5'8". With a fairly generous (3-inches or so) hem, this resulted in a skirt that's just below my knee. I added more top stitching to the waistband, and I also doubled the length of the tie.

Would I make this again? You bet!! This pattern is deceptively simple, and the results are so gosh-darn cute that I want to go out and buy fabric for ten of these.

Should you make this? Yes! If you have the least bit of ability with a sewing machine you can do this. Trust me, you can.

What would I do differently next time? I would cut the body even longer, and allow myself the ability to leave a slightly longer hem. I'm still debating whether or not I would use the buttonhole positions indicated for the size small (for perspecive, I have about a 30-inch waist). This would, however, eliminate my ability to twist the bustle (it's twisted in the above picture.)

I would also begin with a lining piece that was about three or four inches shorter than the body. On this skirt, I had to shorten the lining piece before I could sew that hem. Not difficult by any means, but an extra step which I could have eliminated with better planning.

I'm also going to add that this skirt will travel well. Why? It folds flat, and the bustle (when gathered) will hide any wrinkles from the suitcase. Something to note for all you jet-setting types out there.

Thank you, Miss Twiss for taking the time and effort to figure out how to share this great pattern with the blogging masses.

Hmmm, what's next? I have a lot of leftover fabric. How about one of these to match my skirt?


It is so pretty and absolutely flattering to your figure. I may try it myself. Thanks for the information and the desperately awaited results. I wish you great times in that skirt.

It looks wonderful on you!! So very, very cute.

looks great! and the headband would make a wonderful addition.

Its wonderful! the fabric, the pattern. I am so glad it was simple and the pattern was not too hard. Its very flattering. Maybe I could figure it out...I've been wanting to try sewing but unsure where to start. My sewing friends say that a pattern, some time, and some books from the library could work (thats how I learn most of my knitting techniques anyway...)

Thanks for the encouragement!

how much is a lot? You could knit a purse use the fabric as ligning, heck make the purse reversable! Awesome skirt.

Sweet! I adore that pattern, but I worry about adding bustle to my natural bustle. The fabric...the fabric...the fabric.

Adorable! Great sewing!!

The skirt is very cute, very nice fabric. The headband would be a cute addition.

love it! lovely sewing job! a great addition to the summer wardrobe.

That is super cute. Love the pattern and the fabric!

oh, i LOVE it! it turned out great and is very flattering on you. now i'm definitely thinking about making one too!

Great skirt, I just spent the better part of an hour browsing fabrics, this could get expensive!

You did a great job. It looks lovely on you. I love the headband idea, too.

Wow, it looks great! Wonderful job!

Wow! That is such a pretty and fun summer skirt, just perfect! I love how the hem in the back gets longer.

Pretty pretty pretty pretty!

excellent! Will definetly have to try that pattern! Nice Work.

Very cute. It turned out so cute on you and the fabric is just so . . . ! Love it.

Fabulous! And it looks so cute on you.

I absolutely love this skirt! The fit, the fabric, the modifications, the fabric, the bustle, the fabric, and the fit! How many yards did you get?

That is a lovely skirt, I may have to get that pattern and make it for myself.

super cute skirt!!! and i am so glad to see you start sewing.

I'm COMPLETELY enamoured of this skirt. COMPLETELY. Your version of it is the one that has tipped me over the edge (not to mention introducing me to the pattern in the first place.) What a great job you did.

Oooo! I love it! I agree about making it longer, too. Very attractive. And I think the headband would be a wonderful accessory!

You look so lovely in that skirt! Thank you, so much, for your step by step journal of the making of this skirt. I love it, but am completely intimidated by the thought of sewing this. You make it seem do-able :-)

that skirt is so cute. i love the bustle.

Great skirt & beautiful fabric. Oh help! the pattern is sold out. how do i get one now?


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